Branden Fitelson, Philosophy, Northeastern University

Two New(ish) Triviality Results for Indicative Conditionals
I will do two things in this talk: (1) present an axiomatic generalization of Gibbard's (logical) triviality result for indicative conditionals, and (2) present an algebraic strengthening of Lewis's (probabilistic) triviality result for indicative conditionals. Both results start from a very weak background theory (either logical or probabilistic) of the indicative conditional, and (relative to these weak backgrounds) both results will rely only on the so-called Import-Export Law. So, these results can be viewed as (general, and strong) "odd consequences" of Import-Export. As I will explain in the talk, the use of automated theorem provers, model finders, and decision procedures was essential to the discovery and verification of all of these new results.