Jim Brown, Department of Philosophy, University of Toronto

Pure and Applied: The Mathematics-Ethics Relation
Philosophers of mathematics and working mathematicians distinguish pure and applied mathematics differently. Both distinctions are legitimate and useful in their ways. The mathematicians’ distinction has interesting similarities to ethics, which will be explored. This in turn leads to some interesting consequences, especially when it comes to how mathematical claims are justified: proofs, experimental computations, thought experiments, and so on.

Neil J. A. Sloane, OEIS Foundation, and Department of Mathematics, Rutgers University

The OEIS, Mathematical Discovery, and Insomnia
The On-Line Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences is 52 years old, contains 270,000 sequences, and has been cited by 4700 artcles, many saying "this discovery was made with the help of the OEIS". I will give example of such discoveries, as well as recent sequences that are begging to be analyzed and are guaranteed to cause loss of sleep. There will be music and a movie.