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Sergey Khashin photo Last update: 4 March 2024

Sergey Khashin

Department of Mathematics
Ivanovo State University
Ermaka 39, Ivanovo, Russia

Latest news:

PhD Moscow State University 1986
M.Sc. Moscow State University 1982

Research Interests:
    Algebraic Geometry,
    Runge-Kutta methods,

Small programming tricks

    List of Runge-Kutta methods in Maple
    A useful utility for processing graphics from the command line
    Usefull functions in C++(rus),
    Reed–Solomon codes over field F256/C++,
    Mandelbrot set,
    Small (till 2^64) prime numbers in C++
    Solution of cubic, quartic and quintic equations in C++.
    Points on the sphere, farthest from each other as far as possibl.
    Rationalization of double vector.


    Colors table
    Image segmentation (in russain)
    Frobenius primality test(in russain)

Main publications

With John Butcher himself.
CAIMS Annual Meeting, 2009, June 10-14. London, Ontario, Canada.


A story about a trip to a Conference MMRO-16(Kazan, Russia)(in Russian)
A story about a trip to a Conference ANODE-2013 (Auckland, New Zealand)(in Russian)
A story about a trip to a Conference NumDiff-13 (Halle, Germany)(in Russian)

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